30 Things To Do By Yourself

It is important to find serenity with ourselves before we even think of finding it in anything else. I've know this for quite a long time but not too long ago implemented it into my lifestyle. If your able to find joy and love within yourself, there is less of a need (whether it be... Continue Reading →

Come 2019, Let Me Whisper Something In Your Ear.

This year is going to be a good year, I don't think you guys read me properly ..... I said this year is going to be a good year! Cheesy right! *as she rolls her eyes* I've been thinking about this blog post for a good while ....as you may have or may not have... Continue Reading →

10 Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Positive & Friendly Company - People I Love and make me genuinely happy #Squad #Family. Being around them is one of the most common feelings of happiness. The type of friends that make you smile or laugh until your guts hurt, nothing much like it. 2. Music - A form of escape. That stress... Continue Reading →

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