18 Going On 22

Time machine please! Have I missed something? It really does not feel like I've been on this earth for 18 years, much less to 22. A. Whole. 22. It's almost like I've blinked at young and opened my eyes at old. I know that’s an exaggeration, don’t '@' me! However, time truly fly's. They say, [...]

My Idea Of The Perfect Day

My 'perfect day'... defiantly Autumn. Full stop. No questions asked. It's that one day i would find myself waking up naturally to a warm golden sun beaming through my blinds. My face giving off that peaceful , motivated and calm array of feelings. Wakey Wakey sunshine!, my inner self says to my being in a [...]

My Pamper Routine Summer 2018.

Have you ever just needed one of those days; the type of day to just let loose and relax.  'I know I definitely have'.  Weather its been a stressful week, just too busy to pay attention to  the beauty details or just want a day to pamper yourself. This would be a great guide line [...]

Something Worth Missing

I miss those smiles, those feelings; the thought of never ending friendships.  Friendships built in one summer. A summer I'll never forget. I can't help but sit here and smile, the smile which is slowly turning to laughter.  Now I'm full blown laughing.  I swear the people sitting to my left must think I'm a [...]

My Summer Morning Routine 2018.

1.Wake up! - Well I think that's a given. 2.Prayer / Bible study - How can you start your day without giving thanks to your maker? Please, do enlighten me.   I'll wait... 3.Stretch - The first ugly stretch of the day. 4.Make my bed - The first accomplishment and the only reason I don't climb [...]

10 Things That Make Me Happy.

1. Positive & Friendly Company - People I Love and make me genuinely happy #Squad #Family. Being around them is one of the most common feelings of happiness. The type of friends that make you smile or laugh until your guts hurt, nothing much like it. 2. Music - A form of escape. That stress [...]