10 Quotes I Try To Live By

In life we need to be our own inspirational speakers, to drop everything at times and be personal cheerleaders. Who are we if we are not ourselves before anything else? Here are 10 quotes I try to live by in my day to day life... 1. “Change will not come if we wait for some [...]

No Make-up, Make-up.

Believe it or not, roughly about 2 years ago, I was that girl. The type of girl that couldn't leave the house without it. The girl that would run to the bathroom every time she had a surprise visit. I unnaturally fell the need to wear make-up everywhere and anywhere to feel the slightest of [...]

18 Going On 22

Time machine please! Have I missed something? It really does not feel like I've been on this earth for 18 years, much less to 22. A. Whole. 22. It's almost like I've blinked at young and opened my eyes at old. I know that’s an exaggeration, don’t '@' me! However, time truly fly's. They say, [...]

My Idea Of The Perfect Day

My 'perfect day'... defiantly Autumn. Full stop. No questions asked. It's that one day i would find myself waking up naturally to a warm golden sun beaming through my blinds. My face giving off that peaceful , motivated and calm array of feelings. Wakey Wakey sunshine!, my inner self says to my being in a [...]

Something Worth Missing

I miss those smiles, those feelings; the thought of never ending friendships.  Friendships built in one summer. A summer I'll never forget. I can't help but sit here and smile, the smile which is slowly turning to laughter.  Now I'm full blown laughing.  I swear the people sitting to my left must think I'm a [...]

Letter To Self

Dear, You Hey baby girl, I felt like you were slowly losing your way. But now... you’re taking a leap of faith and pushing yourself to do something you've feared for a while now.  No overthinking, no rain checks and no disbelief. This blog post will be the first of many, so I thought this [...]