My Summer Morning Routine 2019

Its a whole year already this is so crazy... I remember writing my last morning routine as if it was just yesterday, wow how time flies,  My Summer Morning Routine 2018.  Over the last year a couple things have changed not much but i think you guys deserve an update. Well... it has been a whole [...]

No Make-up, Make-up.

Believe it or not, roughly about 2 years ago, I was that girl. The type of girl that couldn't leave the house without it. The girl that would run to the bathroom every time she had a surprise visit. I unnaturally fell the need to wear make-up everywhere and anywhere to feel the slightest of [...]

My Pamper Routine Summer 2018.

Have you ever just needed one of those days; the type of day to just let loose and relax.  'I know I definitely have'.  Weather its been a stressful week, just too busy to pay attention to  the beauty details or just want a day to pamper yourself. This would be a great guide line [...]

My Summer Morning Routine 2018.

1.Wake up! - Well I think that's a given. 2.Prayer / Bible study - How can you start your day without giving thanks to your maker? Please, do enlighten me.   I'll wait... 3.Stretch - The first ugly stretch of the day. 4.Make my bed - The first accomplishment and the only reason I don't climb [...]