31 Health Habits – For A Better Life.

Take this moment to just sit for a second (Well, that’s if you’re not already sitting. Lol).

Relax and breath,

Now take a look at you life over the last few months and ask yourself, Are you happy with what you’re thinking of? Is there something you would like to change?

Now forget it all. You are not who you were yesterday, you are who you are today and the decisions you make right now! are the decisions that will affect who you are tomorrow. Your past is the past and you can leave it there is you choose too.

“Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change.”
― Therese Fowler

There are some health habits that I’ve chosen to adhere to in order to become a better me in as many ways that I can and I thought that would be what I share with you today.

1. Pre-plan your day.

2. Wake up early.

3. Pray.

4. Drink enough water.

5. Have a skin care routine.

6. Listen to motivational videos.

7. Act confident (even if you are not. Fake it, till you make it!).

8. Smile a little more than usual.

9. Get a little fresh air everyday.

10. Find appreciation within the little things in life.

11. Be humble.

12. Be grateful.

13. Talk to someone at least once a day.

14. Eat more fruit.

15. Eat more veggies.

16. Always make time for yourself.

17. Shy away from stress and worry.

18. Take deep breaths wherever and whenever you remember.

19. Let go of your past regrets.

20. If you can’t tell someone, write it down. ( You can even burn it when your done for a little more satisfaction.)


21. Eat at least one health meal a day.

22. Massage you head, neck and shoulders at least every two weeks.

23. Tell yourself that you love yourself.

24. If you failed yesterday, try again today.

25. Always set your priorities.

26. Stretch.

27.Have a social media break for at least an hour daily.

28. Clean up after yourself. ( If you move it, put it back.)

29. Keep up with hygiene. (Very Important!)

30. Sing scream and cry when you want to.

31. Tell you loved ones you love and appreciate them when ever you can.

Signed, your secret best-friend

Ramsay xoxo

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