Summer Travel Hacks

Its summer, university is out and its time to travel, see new things and experience new places. I myself will be traveling to Madrid this summer (I can’t wait!) and put together a list of travel hacks that will help in different ways; from packing hacks to smart electronically to just the basic need to knows.

15 Genius Travel Hacks You Should Know 

1) Store your loose cables/chargers in  an old sunglasses case to keep everything in one place. – The knots! oh lord the knots…. Storing cables and charges in a sunglasses case, not only helps you to know exactly where they are when it’s time to retrieve the cords but also helps them to stay tangle free throughout the journey!

2) Bring an empty water bottle/fill it after you pass security. – We all know the trouble, trying to pass security with the hot cuppa in the early morning or that drink you naught but forgot about whilst doing all the nitty gritty prep work. Save yourself the time and commotion, do yourself the favours and pack that empty water bottle!

3) When packing your suitcase roll clothing to avoid wrinkles and save space.- This is one thing I could say I defiantly learnt at a young age when travelling home to that Caribbean, or travelling back to London. My mum always tried to fit more things than my suitcase should have to carry, as she tried to fit the things she wanted to takes home for aunties, uncles or other family members and this was always her go too solution.

4) Stick a dryer sheet in your suit case with your clothes to keep them smelling fresh.- The musty suitcase smell is just not the one!

5) Use a pill container to sort and sort your jewelry.- I recently said, the knots. Oh…The knots! When it came to the cables but, it applies here too. This technique keeps your Hewlett items safe and together. The pill container also keeps them safe from knots as-well

6) Invest in a good portable charger.- Always need a recharging device for your phones in the case of an emergency. For instance, buying the wrong adapter!

“If you don’t know, Now you know!”

7) Use a binder clip to protect razors when traveling.- This was a hack I recently learnt. If this is not simply genius I don’t know what is.

8) Scan your passport, I.D, and itinerary then email them to yourself so you have a digital copy.- This needs to be done by all traveler’s in the event of loss or theft. You don’t want to be stuck in a foreign country without your important documents, or even the evidence to say you had any in the first place.

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9) To prevent bottles from leaking in your luggage, place plastic wrap over the container and then seal it with the cap.- Exploding bottles could happen to anyone, anywhere. Prevention is always better then cause. This is a neat and intelligent way to avoid unwanted spillage into your luggage.

10) Tie a brightly coloured ribbon around you suitcase. – we all know what it’s like to stand at baggage collection staring at the luggage coming through the flaps of plastic and seeing 5 of the same bags. This is any easy way to differentiate your bag from the rest without needing to buy a multicoloured suitcase to achieve the same results.

11) Pack noise cancelling headphones.- These are great for long plane journeys to reduce unwanted ambient sounds when listening to music or watching movies/shows adored the airplane.

12) Download movies, games , music and books on a digital device.- This allows you to have a form of entertainment offline, especially on flights that do not carry WiFi during the flight. This is also a benefit when it comes to the options provided on planes which carry monitors, as you may dislike the music, movies or shows provided.

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13) Pack a filling snack, or eat before you get on the plane.- Airline food! Need I say more?

14) Keep cash in multiple places.- This travel hack is aimed at keeping your travel money safe from thieves, the ideas is to divide and conquer. Plus, everything does not need to be cash. My advise to you is to keep extra money on a backup credit card for extra security.

15) Always have a neck pillow.- When I say always, I mean always! Airplane rides may not provide the best sleep you can have, with cramped foot spaces, tight bends and nowhere to rest tour head. However, neck pillows help you to get a sleep that avoids results of stiff necks and back pain.

That’s all for today, I wish you all the best on your travel adventures!

Signed, Kiss&Tell xoxo

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