For Love and Lingerie.

First things First,( am the realest lol) I need to ask my female readers a question! – Isn’t it great to be a woman? well at least I think it is, I know I definitely wouldn’t change being a woman for the world. There is so much perks too being a female but the one we will be disusing today is Lingerie!!!!! How could you not love a soft, delicate and enticing piece of lingerie that kisses your curves and teases the silky inches of skin that god gave you!!

Lingerie is more than just a type of garment. It is a way of life, or if I do say so myself. a mindset. It is an ego… an ‘Ego’ which empowers you, boosts your confidence and a reminder that just being a woman makes you strong in so many ways both inside and out.  What makes you a  woman is not the way you look but the way you feel and carry yourself.

I. Your female counterpart has pulled together 5 reasons as to why I believe all women and I mean ‘ALL’ women should wear lingerie other than for the pleasure of man and their male gaze.

The 5 greatest Reasons Why Women Should Wear Lingerie…

woman standing beside door inside room
Photo by Anderson Guerra 

For Female Empowerment – Yes. I know empowerment in it self can be a process however, lingerie could be a little step that could help the process for the female gender . The lingerie garment has been seen as a sex symbol over time, making these clothing items  more for the male gaze and pleasure rather than for a females. Let me paint a picture for you… Its a bright summery day on the 18th of September. The icy crisp air creeping through your window, and SUDDENLY! … I’m just kidding! Lol *face palm*. Just imagine being able to put on a symbol of female empowerment before you even start your day before you even put on your clothes, maybe even before you brush your teeth. Almost as if it is a type of armor. Empowerment in a physical form. 

You do have a story inside you; it lies articulate and waiting to be written behind your silence – Anne Rice

2) For confidence I believe that self love, discipline and confidence go hand in hand. Surely when you love yourself, how you visualize yourself comes across as being a confident being. when wearing these types of lingerie, you walk, talk and even feel different! that’s not a guess, that’s a guarantee

There is just something about having a secret that only you know about yourself that makes wearing lingerie almost like a fun game! Ooooo Hush baby don’t tell.

3) Because you can. – I shouldn’t even have to explain this point but, if you have the option to chose between a fruit salad hand crafted in all its finery, with little hearts cut out of the watermelon, doves created with the skins of oranges served with a succulent red berry sauce as an option on the side or to just take and apple out of the fruit standard bowl, which one would you chose? I know which on I would! Why be basic when you can be extraordinary?

4) The feeling – The first thought that should come to mind is not… Would he like me in this?, It should be, Do I like me in this? The aim is for the garment to give you a sensual feeling making you feel great regardless of your outer dress/appearance. So if lingerie makes you feel good, make it a regular habit, not just a garment stuffed to the back of your draw only to be seen when  you have intimate company.

5) Extenuate your assets – If you’ve got it flaunt it. But. Flaunt it because you want to flaunt it, not because you want to get his attention. Everything should be in your best interest before anything or anyone else comes into the picture. Yes, I understand when you want to look go for you partner and/or you love making them happy, especially when it comes to the bedroom but all i’m am trying to say as a woman in a generation of empowered beautiful queens is that it is not selfish to want to feel good for yourself.


Signed,  Kiss&Tell xoxo


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