My Summer Morning Routine 2019

Its a whole year already this is so crazy… I remember writing my last morning routine as if it was just yesterday, wow how time flies,  My Summer Morning Routine 2018.  Over the last year a couple things have changed not much but i think you guys deserve an update. Well… it has been a whole damn year! So here we go…

 1. God! wakes me up – Usually my alarm goes off at around 6:30 am. When I wake up it takes me a minute to wipe the dribble from my mouth and fully open my eyes to start the day. I tend to lay in bed for about 15 more minutes before I am wide awake and ready to start my day.

2. I Pray – “Today is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” – I always, and I mean always recite these words in the morning to thank the Lord because I am grateful to have woken up in a new day, this then naturally leads into a personalized prayer that begins my day.

3. I Make my bed– It feels nice coming home to a clean space, stops you from getting back into bed and also helps you to achieve one of your first goals of the day.

4. I Stretch – This is a habit that I only started to implement into my routine about 2 years ago. Stretching in the morning is a great way to “awaken” your muscles and get them ready for the day. the act of stretching loosens up your body while increasing blood flow to your muscles. 

5. I Oil pull – Oil pulling supposedly draws out toxins in your body, primarily to improve oral health but also to improve your overall health. I’ve seen the difference myself, and it also removed most of, if not all the stains from your teeth.

6. I Bible study & read my bible verse app – I find that faith is a very important part of life to me and I believe bible study is a great way to start my day as it puts me in the right mental state. I also read the verse of the day through a bible app I downloaded a while back.


7. I Turn on/ listen to a motivational video – You wouldn’t believe what a benefits this point brings, especially in the morning.! Hearing words of motivation in the morning before you leave to do what you have to do or even stay in to complete homely tasks not only pushes you to get things done but also makes you want to ‘want to’ get things done.

8. I Open blinds/ curtains and my window – Helps to let the light in and some fresh air.

9. I Pee – Who doesn’t Pee in the morning?

10. I Wash hands/ face and brush teeth – The typical. the need to does. The problems if you don’t.

11. I Moisturize my face, Vaseline my lips, eyelashes and eyebrows – Moisturizing your skin keeps your skin young and hydrated. I used Vaseline for my lips to soften these ‘bad boys’! and I stretch the Vaseline to my eyelashes and eyebrows in the hopes that they will spring growth.

12. I drink hot cup of lemon water – I know,  I know!, you’ve head this one before in all the morning routines you’ve read and watched but I really do this. drinking lemon water helps get your digestive system moving. which helps to flush out the daily toxins of you digestive system.

13. I Workout – Well… right now I work out but, I don’t ‘workout workout’ if you get what I mean. I do a little here and there every morning for different parts of my body to keep my body active and to work of the extra pizza slice I had the night before. However, I do really want to start doing the workout thing properly! its all in the near future.  Amma be the fit grandmamaaa…*wink*

14. I Shower – I shower with the intention is to get that night stink off. The whole under the blanket musk developed from sweating as you toss and turn in you sleep. I couldn’t skip this step even if I tried.

15. I Clean my  ears – I’ve made this a staple, separate to the rest because often people tend to forget this step. If you really want to know how dirty your ears are just take a peek at your bead phones. Hmmm. Ill wait… right? lol

16. I Cream – moisturize, oil skin – Like i said before, “Moisturizing your skin keeps your skin young and hydrated.” I use both a moisturizer and an oil everywhere apart from my face to hydrate my skin and to seal in the moisturizer. After this i usually put my towel back on or grab a robe as a replacement.

17. I eat Breakfast – Some days i’m a big breakfast eater (eggs, pancakes, bacon, toast etc.) and other days I don’t even want food to touch my mouth, so i would often settle for a cup of tea or water depending on my mood. 

18.I take my Vitaminsexpect to look

19. And for my last ‘to do’ to start my day, I Get dressed – Well i obviously need to put on some clothes on, cant bee walking around completely butt naked. i aint trinna go to jail… when i get my own place ill do that *winks eye*

and the rest of my day commences from here!

Signed, xoxo Kiss&Tell

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