Summer Travel Hacks

Its summer, university is out and its time to travel, see new things and experience new places. I myself will be traveling to Madrid this summer (I can't wait!) and put together a list of travel hacks that will help in different ways; from packing hacks to smart electronically to just the basic need to [...]

For Love and Lingerie.

First things First,( am the realest lol) I need to ask my female readers a question! - Isn't it great to be a woman? well at least I think it is, I know I definitely wouldn't change being a woman for the world. There is so much perks too being a female but the one [...]

My Summer Morning Routine 2019

Its a whole year already this is so crazy... I remember writing my last morning routine as if it was just yesterday, wow how time flies,  My Summer Morning Routine 2018.  Over the last year a couple things have changed not much but i think you guys deserve an update. Well... it has been a whole [...]