No Make-up, Make-up.

Believe it or not, roughly about 2 years ago, I was that girl. The type of girl that couldn’t leave the house without it. The girl that would run to the bathroom every time she had a surprise visit. I unnaturally fell the need to wear make-up everywhere and anywhere to feel the slightest of beauty, making it a necessity rather then a want.

It took me a while with the push of family and friends to get me to look at my refection differently. From a young age I’ve had the same repetitive (facial) skin problem. Why wouldn’t my human finger turn into a virtual rubber to rid these horrible faults as if I was some kind of alien, Lol! I swear I’m not this cringy normally,…….i think!.

However, over time as I am on this self love journey, I no longer see the need to hide my flaws but merely enhance my beauty. “I love you (me) like a fat kid loves cake” – 50 cent. In the process I have picked up a few natural enhancement tips that have worked for me and might work for y’all too.

  1. Sticking to your 8 cups of water or more daily. (this helps to hydrate your body and helps to release toxins from the body throughout the day).
  2. Eating your five fruits and vegetables daily.
  3. Take daily vitamins.
  4. Use a gental face wash for your skin.
  5. Moisurise. always. Moisurise.
  6. Almmond oil or Vaseline on your eye lashes, eyebrows and edges during the night and coconut oil as mascara and eyebrow gel for long term improvement and  enhancement.
  7. Avoid liking your lips, use tinted lip scrubs to exfoliate and always apply a chosen lip balm to retain as much natural moisture as possible. (i use Vaseline which works for me.)
  8. Clean your ears with cotton buds. Don’t forget to wash behind your ears too.

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  10. Eat breakfast.
  11. Eat lunch.
  12. Eat dinner ( my point being….. Do not skip meals.)
  13. Try to choose the healthier option.
  14. Head massage: This not only helps with hair growth, but this motions also releases a lot of stress and helps to calm you down.
  15. SLEEP!
  16. Use sunscreen.
  17. Keep your hands out of your face!
  18. Keep your hair clean.
  19. Wash your sheets and pillow cases.
  20.  Smile/laugh a lot.
  21. Take pride in your posture.

Embrace your imperfections

xoxo Kiss&Tell

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