30 Things To Do By Yourself

It is important to find serenity with ourselves before we even think of finding it in anything else. I’ve know this for quite a long time but not too long ago implemented it into my lifestyle. If your able to find joy and love within yourself, there is less of a need (whether it be subconscious or conscious) to rely on something or someone else.

Over time I have defiantly become much more comfortable with entertaining myself and naturally grown to love my own company. Wait, before you start to wonder…No. I. Am. Not. Lonely. I am just on the journey of finding the confidence to be with me and no one else. So, in the current blog post I have compiled a list of ’30 things to do by myself’ that will hopefully help to inspire others on there personal journey to serenity.

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.”
– Yogi Bhajan

    1. Watch the sun rise or sunset.
    2. Take a nap, (best on a rainy day with a hot chocolate).
    3. Do a face mask.
    4. Take a bath, (with bubbles and petals).
    5. Go to the coffee shop and read a book.
    6. Go for a walk.
    7. Visit a gallery or a museum.
    8. Mani-pedi!, ( Manicure/Pedicure).
    9. Travel- Go see the world, (The world is your oyster).
    10. Try a new workout.
    11. People watch at the park, (be careful with this one!).
    12. Go see a film, (Sneak in your own damn popcorn).
    13. Declutter your home, (cleanliness is close to godliness).
    14. Give yourself a massage.
    15. Pray.
    16. Go for a long drive, (well that’s if you have a car).
    17. Answer this question. What are you grateful for?
    18. Explore your neighbourhood.
    19. Write a letter to yourself or someone you care about.
    20. Write a letter to your younger or future self.
    21. Update your CV/resume.
    22. Draw, Paint, Colour. Anything creative.
    23. Write a list of affirmations to say daily.
    24. Create an inspirational board.
    25. Stretch, (“flexibility is the key to stability”- John Wooden).
    26. Listen to an inspirational video.
    27. Start a journal.
    28. Play the piano.
    29. Go somewhere in the city
    30. Cook your favorite meal.


    xoxo Kiss&Tell


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