My Idea Of The Perfect Day

My 'perfect day'... defiantly Autumn. Full stop. No questions asked. It's that one day i would find myself waking up naturally to a warm golden sun beaming through my blinds. My face giving off that peaceful , motivated and calm array of feelings. Wakey Wakey sunshine!, my inner self says to my being in a [...]

My Pamper Routine Summer 2018.

Have you ever just needed one of those days; the type of day to just let loose and relax.  'I know I definitely have'.  Weather its been a stressful week, just too busy to pay attention to  the beauty details or just want a day to pamper yourself. This would be a great guide line [...]

Something Worth Missing

I miss those smiles, those feelings; the thought of never ending friendships.  Friendships built in one summer. A summer I'll never forget. I can't help but sit here and smile, the smile which is slowly turning to laughter.  Now I'm full blown laughing.  I swear the people sitting to my left must think I'm a [...]