My Summer Morning Routine 2018.

1.Wake up! – Well I think that’s a given.

2.Prayer / Bible study – How can you start your day without giving thanks to your maker? Please, do enlighten me.   I’ll wait…

3.Stretch – The first ugly stretch of the day.

4.Make my bed – The first accomplishment and the only reason I don’t climb back into it.

5.Wash hands and Face.

6.Brush teeth, floss – That minty warm cold feeling.  Hella satisfying. Nothing like a breath of fresh air as soon as I finish brushing my teeth.

7. Run bath if necessary – I have a bath tub with a shower head, so I have the right to choose: down bath or stand up shower.  I tend to go for a shower in the morning and bath at night but it all depends on how I’m feeling on the day.

8. Workout – I really wanna go to the gym to do all this, but soon soon, for right now and over the past months I have a really good workout app on my phone that I tend to do in the morning just before I shower.

9. Bath/shower- And all things related ie.. shave, scrub, pluck…

10. Clean ears. Clean piercings.

11. Cream / Moisturize / Oil; (body, face, lips, feet, knees and elbows) – I’m definitely not one to go for the crusty ashy look, so I’ve got to cream that up, but if y’all down for that. Do you, boo boo, do you!

12. Put bathrobe on – Now, you can’t just have everything hanging all out for the world to see, well, not in a shared house, maybe when you have your own.

13. Eat breakfast; with a cup of tea/coffee – My go to breakfast would have to be scrambled eggs with toasts, warm, filling and tasty.  It’s also quick and easy to make.  I’m a fruit tea type of girl.

14. Drink 2 cups of water – I have scheduled times when I drink water.  Some may think its weird but hey!, 2 cups at 9:30 and 2 more at 11:30 ( 4 down, 4 to go)  the last four cups are drunk during the afternoon still at scheduled times.

15. Do hair and edges – Nine times out of ten I have my hair done in a style already so there’s not much for your girl to do in the morning.  But them edges needed to be laid.

16. Comb through brows and lashes – I don’t really wear makeup on a day to day basis apart from the occasional mascara and a dot of eyeliner maybe with some tinted lip balm.  It’s actually the same for special occasions.

17. Get dressed – I pick my outfits at the time of dressing.  I change about 5 times, trying to get the right feel, if you know what I mean.

18. Spray/ perfume – I live for that fruity bath and body works type of smell, and I know its not just me………   Anyone?!

xoxo Kiss&Tell



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