10 Quotes I Try To Live By

In life we need to be our own inspirational speakers, to drop everything at times and be personal cheerleaders. Who are we if we are not ourselves before anything else? Here are 10 quotes I try to live by in my day to day life... 1. “Change will not come if we wait for some [...]

Summer Travel Hacks

Its summer, university is out and its time to travel, see new things and experience new places. I myself will be traveling to Madrid this summer (I can't wait!) and put together a list of travel hacks that will help in different ways; from packing hacks to smart electronically to just the basic need to [...]

For Love and Lingerie.

First things First,( am the realest lol) I need to ask my female readers a question! - Isn't it great to be a woman? well at least I think it is, I know I definitely wouldn't change being a woman for the world. There is so much perks too being a female but the one [...]

My Summer Morning Routine 2019

Its a whole year already this is so crazy... I remember writing my last morning routine as if it was just yesterday, wow how time flies,  My Summer Morning Routine 2018.  Over the last year a couple things have changed not much but i think you guys deserve an update. Well... it has been a whole [...]

Self Love: 35 Inspirational Quotes

It is easy to become belittled by your own thoughts before anyone else can lower your self-esteem, whether it through their words or maybe even their actions towards you. Over time I have grown to understand just how important it is to love yourself unconditionally. This means without limitations and love without conditions. Loving yourself [...]

No Make-up, Make-up.

Believe it or not, roughly about 2 years ago, I was that girl. The type of girl that couldn't leave the house without it. The girl that would run to the bathroom every time she had a surprise visit. I unnaturally fell the need to wear make-up everywhere and anywhere to feel the slightest of [...]

30 Things To Do By Yourself

It is important to find serenity with ourselves before we even think of finding it in anything else. I've know this for quite a long time but not too long ago implemented it into my lifestyle. If your able to find joy and love within yourself, there is less of a need (whether it be [...]